Unfortunately, there has been a change regarding the use of the Twitter API. From now on, you cannot use this integration method. Please reconnect your Twitter profile according to this instruction:

A) Navigate to Settings via left navigation and switch to Channels tab.

B) Delete your profile connected with the old integration method.

C) Reconnect your profile with the new integration method.

Twitter has recently updated its API access policy, which has resulted in the elimination of their free access tier for software integration. This change has affected many software providers who had previously relied on the free access tier to provide Twitter integration options. However, there is still a solution for users who wish to integrate their Twitter profiles with software. They can create their own Twitter API app and generate an access token, which can then be used to integrate their Twitter profile with the desired software.

In order to use Twitter with RADAAR you need to bring your own API Key. In this article, we'll go through how to set it up.

1) Create a Twitter Developer Account

If you don't already have a Twitter Developer account, you need to set one up. It only takes a few minutes. Go to this page and sign up for a free acount: https://developer.twitter.com

2) Describe Your Use Case of Twitter API

Twitter will ask you to briefly describe the use case of Twitter's API. You can put something like this: I'll utilize the Twitter API to post and schedule tweets, as well as to respond to feedback left on my tweets. I will provide stats about the effectiveness of my tweets, such as impressions, engagement rate, link clicks, and related metrics, using data from Twitter's API.

Be sure that you checked all checkboxes and click Submit button. In most cases, you will get access to Twitter's Developer portal immediately.

3) Setup User Authentication Settings

Navigate to your app by expanding Projects & Apps menu which is located on left navigation. And click to Edit button for User authentication settings.

Select Read and write and Direct message option for App permissions. And select Web App, Automated App or Bot option for Type of App.

Add a RADAAR callback URL to Callback URI / Redirect URL: https://api.radaar.io/v1/users/settings/channels/callback/twitter-v2-self-owned and enter your Website URL to App info.

Click to Save button.

4) Get Your Consumer Keys

Navigate to Keys and tokens tab of your app and click to Regenerate button for Consumer Keys. 

Confirm that by clicking to Yes, regenerate button.

Copy and note your API Key and API Key Secret. You can send these to yourself via an e-mail. And click to Yes, I saved them button to close the window.

5) Connect Your Twitter Profile to RADAAR

Navigate to RADAAR dashboard: https://dash.radaar.io/. Click to Settings via left navigation. Switch to Channels tab. Click to Connect button. Search for Twitter and choose Twitter (Self-Owned) option. Paste your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, select your Level of Access, and click to Add button.

You will be redirected to Twitter authorization page. Click to Authorize app button. And you will be redirected back to RADAAR dashboard. Check your connected channels list and be sure that your profile already connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Free tier?

Free tier provides free access to Twitter APIs. It only allow you to post up to 1500 tweets per month / per app. It means you can only use Publishing feature with this tier. You can connect multiple profiles using same app's Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. How ever you can only publish 1500 tweets in total per month for all your connected profiles.

2) What is Basic tier?

Basic tier provides access to Twitter APIs too. It cost $100.00 USD/month. It allow you to post up to 10K tweets per month / per app. You can use Publishing, Social Inbox and Monitoring features with this tier. You can connect multiple profiles using same app's Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. How ever you can only publish 10K tweets in total per month for all your connected profiles.

3) What is Enterprise tier?

Enterprise tier provides a commercial-level access that meets your and your customer's specific needs. It starts from $42K USD/month.

How to create your own Twitter API app?