Some posts shared through RADAAR will display a source stamp that mentions that you used RADAAR to share the post. This source stamp is something that is added by the social network and some customers have asked if it's possible to remove the mention of RADAAR. Sadly, this is not possible as it's something that these social networks require of all third party apps.


All posts on Twitter will show a "Tweet Source Label", which shows if the tweet was posted via Twitter itself or through a third party source like RADAAR. You can learn more about these labels here. It's worth noting that this source label may not be visible in all versions of Twitter. It's visible to everyone.

Facebook Group

Unfourtounatly posts published to a Facebook Group will display a "RADAAR" link, which is visible to everyone.

Facebook Page

Posts published to a Facebook Page will display a "RADAAR" link, which is visible to just admin of that page. Not to everyone.