It’s possible to create, schedule, and publish Instagram single-image, multiple images (Carousel Posts) and video posts via RADAAR like normal.

You can also create and schedule Instagram stories. However, due to Instagram’s API capabilities, it’s not possible for RADAAR to complete the act of publishing stories.

You can publish stories for Instagram using RADAAR's mobile app publishing workflow. 

Use this workflow to schedule the image and text for a story within RADAAR, and then receive a prompt to complete publishing through the Instagram mobile app at your selected publishing time.

When the time comes, RADAAR send you a 'You should publish manually' notification. When you receive this notification, open RADAAR's mobile app and go to the relevant post, you will see a Share to Instagram button located at the bottom. When you press this button, the images will be saved on your device, the text will be copied to the memory and will switch you to Instagram. You can select your image, paste your text and manually publish your content to Instagram.

To download RADAAR's mobile app: